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Jose Silva - Ultra Mind of
the Best Programs I ever
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Ultra Mind ">Silva Mind
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That Is Available to You
with Gioded Meditations
Incorporating The World - Where Universe Meets Mother Earth & Learns To Live As One!
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Others with Intuitive Guidance and
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Disclaimer Notice:  These are itemsI think you'll enjoy and are offered to you here, either I personally own them, support them  or  I am affiliated with them (meaning I may or may not get a small residual when you
click on the link) needless to say, I will not offer you something I have not checked out myself...  with the exception of "Adsense" ads, which they post randomly from time to time...   My all time favorite is the Silva
Method, which I have used for about 15 years now,  both within my own life and with my practise.  For other suggestions and to find my books, visit our
bookstore/marketplace.. Enjoy! - Note:  If you would like to
become a sponsor here at the Enlightening Center, please
contact me and we can discuss how to place an ad or your books and/or other items you offer within my site.  Again I love to support and assist others within
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