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Mediumship 101
Learn how to communicate with those who have crossed.

Class Completion Certificate
Will be Given
at end of Class

$125.00 per person
Group Class
Chakra & Aura Maintenance
Certified Alternative Health Modality Training
One of the Most Important Classes You Can Take;  
As All Energy Work is performed working within these energy systems
Alternative Health
Healing Modality

An Alternative Health
Practitioner Certificate
upon completion
$175.00 per person
Group Class

Online $125.00
USUI REIKI - Level I & II - Read More
A Certified Training Course with Linage - Approx 6 weeks
Making you a Certified Alternative Health Practitioner
Includes the Re-Awakening Attunement(s)
Alternative Health Healing

This is the Certificate you
need to perform Reiki on
Others in Person
(Not Distantly)
$350.00 - Group In-Person   
$500.00 - One-on-One
$300.00- Home Study
USUI REIKI Level III - Read More
Master/Teacher  Level & Advanced Symbols - Approx 4 weeks
(Prerequisite - Reiki I & II)
If you have completed Reiki I & II and you would also like to Teach Reiki and receive
the attunements to send Reiki from a distance, then this is the certificate you need.
Alternative Health Modality
This is the Certificate you
need to teach Reiki to Others
and o offer Reiki From a
$300.00 - Group In-Person   
$450.00 - One-on-One
Personal Training
$275.00 - Home Study
With this Certificate you will be qualified to perform Energy Work
on our animal friends
(Includes the re-awakening attunement
to work within the animal kingdom)
(G) = Group Class or
Skype Group
(P) = Private Training
(H) = Home/Internet Study Course
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Coming Soon
(Beginning) CRYSTALS 101 - The  Basics
Non-Certified Course - The basic stones are covered within this class
Understanding how crystals can work for you in your daily life.  
How to talk to and program your crystals,
how to pick and cleanse your crystals & gems.  
New Age - Wellness
New Date:
April 16, 2018 - 6:30 pm
At Tranquility Salt Cave -
Find Info &
Register Here
Intermediate) CRYSTALS -  Prerequisite - Beginning Crystals
More In-depth Information & Uses for Crystals
Using crystals and a crystal pendulum for your chakra system
Where to place them around your house, work and on you,
for best results and much more...

Non-Certified Course
New Age - Wellness

Intermediate Crystals
Coming Soon

Become A certified "Crystal Practitioner" and be able to offer your services to the
public.  You will learn everything that is in the non-certified course (above) along with
how to make liquid remedies, offer distant healing with crystals.
How to create healing grids non-toxic healing tonics and much more.  
Note:  If you are interested in using crystals with animals,
it is covered in the certified  "Animal Energy Work" Course above
and also is touched upon within this course.
Alternative Health Modality
Coming Soon
C.E.T. (Combined Energy Therapy) - Certification -
2 Days - (Prerequisite - Reiki  II or another certified energy healing modality)
Created and developed by S.L. Jones
What you'll learn:
How to  understanding and work with energies.  How to use them
for healing purposes.  What type of energies should be used for different types of
illnesses and emotional imbalances and stress.  How to run focus energies
through the human body.  How to send healing energies distantly.  How to call upon
the universal realms to assist with healing.   Incorporating, Reiki, crystals, Shaman
techniques, Quantum Touch, prayer and much more

This is an intense energy work training program on all levels.  It is a healing art
that combines both the Universal (Spiritual) with the Earth's grounding energies
along with incorporating various healing modalities, to get the job done

Private Training Only
Call to Start Training
Smudging For Home & Business -  Shaman/Feng Shui Course
This certified course teaches you how to cleanse physical property so that negative
and/or stale energies are cleansed and balanced; removing all negativity's and
replacing it with new, pure white light energies, creating a harmonise balance and
filling it with only Universal and earthly love and light, to create the flow of love,
happiness, productivity, wellness and abundance.
NOTE:  This class does not include training on ghost or spirit removal
Tis smudging course is more for health and wellness - Like Spring Cleaning

Health & Wellness

Private Training
Call to Start Training
Smudging to Remove Paranormal Entities
This type of smudging is quite different than Feng Shui Smudging as
you are taught how to sense and feel various entities, that may not want
to leave a certain location.  You will learn how to assist with removing
them and if need be releasing them or crossing them over, so that they
can move forward as well!

Note:  This smudging class may not be for everyone, as it does involve
working with various paranormal energies
Shaman & Paranormal

Private Training
Call to Start Trainin
NUMEROLOGY - Basic - Certification
Understand the Science of Numerology and how to break them down for your
"Basic" reports -   Destiny, Heart Desire, & Birth Force
Call for Training
Online Course Coming Soon
Online Course Coming Soon
NUMEROLOGY - Advanced - Certification
Learning More detailed reports and their interpretations.  How to create reports for
Call for Training
Online Course Coming Soo
Online Course Coming Soon
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