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Metaphysical/Spiritual Services

All Readings (except "Mini-Readings) are $80.00
All readings can be done in person or by phone anywhere in the world!
NOTE:   As with any form/type of reading, whether you receive it from me or someone else, you must realize and be aware that...
"Nothing Is Set In Stone", you will always have a choice, and the opportunity to change the outcome.  I will always explain how you
have these options, before I begin your reading; so you will always feel in control of your own destiny.

  • Tarot Reading (Energy Tarot) -   Approximately 30 to 90 min. - I have been reading Tarot cards
    since the age of 13.   Since then, I have perfected this craft to offer you insight, along with (during a
    reading),  advise you as to how you can change the energy patterns (if need be)  for a positive or a better
    outcome.  In other words,  I do not offer you a "Textbook" Tarot reading...  I use the pictures of the Tarot
    to show you, the energies that are available to you or are lingering around you at the time of the reading .  
    There-fore you are aware and informed as to how to proceed with your journey.   I like to call my sessions
    an "Energy" Tarot reading...   This is where the old saying of "Every Picture Tells A Story" literally comes
    into play!  Do I need cards to assist you with offering insight into your life?  No!, Therefore I also offer you
    Alternative choices below.
  • Intuitive - Psychic - Spiritual Reading - Approximately 30 to 90 min. - With this reading,  I tap
    into the energies that are around you and interpret what I see, feel or hear, without using cards or pictures
    as an aide for your visual senses.  During this session, other spiritual or Universal entities, may offer
    assistance at this time as well, even loved ones have been known to show up and offer their advise too...
    (But to really tap into or talk to your loved ones - request a medium session - listed below).  
  • Oracle Card Reading -  Approximately 30 to 90 min. - Angels, Fairies, Ascended Master and
    Goddesses will be at your beckon call to assist and offer insight to the questions you are asking. This type
    of reading is like having a good conversation with your friend and asking their opinions about your life or
    circumstance...  It will still be up to you to take their advise or not...   You may want to "Ask Specific
    Questions" and get opinions from these metaphysical, spiritual beings and other dieties.  In other words,
    you would like an outside opinion about your situation or life!

Mini Readings:   Price: $45.00     Time: 15 min.
This type of reading is so that you can ask me one or two quick questions and is not to be considered a full
reading session, where I also offer you guidance as we look at the whole or broader picture of things.  At the 15
minute mark, I will stop and ask if you would like to continue.  If you choose to continue, I charge $1.00 per
minute (after the 1st 15 min.) -
Note:  Most questions can easily be answered within 5 to 10 minutes.  (If you feel
you need complete details and some guidance as to how to handle a situation and not want just a quick answer,
then yes, I suggest you opt for a Full session reading as within those session we will discuss all of that.)

Medium Session -  Contact Your Loved Ones -  Approx - 30 to 90 min  - $100.00
First let me say - I am sorry for your loss, but let me also say, your loved ones are fine and they do
still love you!   -
To Understand What a Medium is and things you should know about this type of a session -
Click Here - As I truly want you to understand this process.

Explore Your Past Lives - Approx. 60 to 90 min. - $85.00
Intuitively and with relaxation and/or self-hypnosis techniques, together we will  try to discover where you've
been, what you've brought with you and what you need to get rid of, so that you can have a prosperous and
abundant journey in this lifetime.  

What To Expect - This type of a session is not just my reading you; it is us, working together to let your sub-
conscious, remember who you truly are and what your journey has been in the past, offering you an opportunity
to re-explore and remember either the joy and laughter or assists you with releasing things that you thought may
have been unfinished business and you carried it forward in this lifetime. If we find that there are blockages or
negative things that we feel you cannot remove or disregard on your own; then we will discuss further options for
the removal or healing of these past-life obstacles that are holding you back in this lifetime.   
Note:  I have to
say, sometimes, just by becoming aware of what you have brought with you into this lifetime, (positive or
negative), that alone, can release and heal (if need be) and assist your journey here in this lifetime, without any
further assistance.

"Remember, everybody has a past.  It is how you choose to embrace it, react to it, love it and/or release it if need
be - to move forward with today..." SLJ

Shaman Healing Technique Sessions -  $85.00  Approx. 30 to 60 min.
Assistance with Healing for both your physical and mental well-being- This is considered to be an alternative to
health - Using healing energy techniques that have been performed for thousands of years by various tribal
communities.  It is very effective in removing blockages and disturbances throughout your physical body and
your emotional energy system - To relieve pain, stress and dis-comfort from your life.

Energy Clearing for Home or Business -
Prices vary due to location and size - Call for pricing - 614-440-4076
If you've had a rough year, or have gone through changes in your home and/or business space and you feel
that you have negative or stale energies within your space? Then you need this!  Or if you have just moved into
a  new space and want to make sure to release the energies of the previous owners or tenants, then this is also
for you.   I like to call this service my "Spring Cleaning" or clearing service, to bring in new fresh energies to your
home or office.  Here I Remove negative, dense, stagnate, stale, non-productive energies  that could be creating
health issues like depression, anger, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, non-productivity, sluggishness,
tiredness, lack of communication or cooperativeness and much more;  from your living or work environment.

What Are the Benefits?  By removing the negativity, once it is cleared, you and those who reside or work
within this space, should have a better attitude or outlook; be more productive and maybe even feel better both
physically and emotionally.  Especially if you have had negative people, loss, ill-health, lack of productivity,
emotional or business conflicts and/or changes, etc. This service will help with getting rid of those negative or
stale energies; offering you a breath of fresh air to move forward in a positive energy state.  I do this to my home
approximately every four months or so, to re-energize both myself and my space/environment.

Note:  This is not intended to remove Ghosts or other entities from your home - This is more of  a Feng
Shui/Shaman procedure to ensure the positive flow of energies and remove stale, stagnant, negative, non-
productive energies for your health and well-being.  

Intuitive Health Scan - $45.00-  Approx. 30 - 45 min.  An energy guided review of your physical
health; to see if there are any health issues (This does not offer a diagnosis) But offers you insight as to what
and where the initial cause is coming from that may have been overlooked or misunderstood by the traditional
medical field.

This is very helpful when you are getting no results or when a doctor tells you nothing is wrong and
it's all in your mind!  Then you can return to your traditional doctor and discuss the findings or make him/her
aware that this could be a possibility they overlooked; and ask them to test for it to at least check into it..  Or you
can seek alternative health options as well.

Again, this is not a diagnosis
- It is a way for you to gain more insight and options for your overall health

Animal Whispering - (Also see Animal Energy work under Alternative Health Services)
Prices vary depending on breed and location - call for pricing - 614-440-4076
A telepathic communication process to assist your animals with various health and emotional issues.  I have
been working and healing animals since a young child.  They just seem to find me when they need assistance.  
My children used to call me Dr. Doolittle as some animals, will litterally chase me down,until I stop and have a
conversation with them or assist them in some way.  i have consoled many animals on my journey, both within
the wild and within a home.  From hawks and horses - to dogs and frogs... I love them all and will assist when and
however I can.

Cutting Chords and/or Removing Attachments - $100.00  Approx. 60 to 120 min.   -  
This is a two part process.  The first is to determine as to which proceedure you will need.   until a person who
has been trained in this (energy and spiritually-wise) reads your energies.   Therefore, if you are requiring this
type of service, whether you choose have this done by me or someone else.  Please take heed and read the...
Full description  of what this actually is and how important it is that you understand the differences.   -

Ghost/Spirit Removal for Self, Home or Business - Initial fee $85.00  
If you feel, sense, hear or notice things moving in and around you or your home or business, then you may be
experiencing a paranormal event.  If you are scared or worried when this happens, then you may want this
service to get some reassurance that you are okay and/or just to find out who or what is there.

Here's How it Works -  This is a two step process - When you decide you would like this service, please call for
your 10 min free consultation.  At that time, we will then set-up a day and time to have another phone
conversation, where I will transfer my energies to you and/or your home or business and use remote viewing and
placement, along with my medium and Shaman skills to investigate your concerns.  Once we discover what it is
that is making the disturbances, via the phone call;  If needed, we will move on to Part two of this process.
:  There is a seperate fee for part two,  which will be discussed at the time of our findings.  Prices vary due
to location and size - and if this needs to done in-person or if I feel It can be done from a distance.  The
determinging factor, is how responsive the ghosts or entities are during (part 1) the phone conversation.    

With our findings, you can then choose to proceed to step two for the actual removal of these energies (ghosts,
entities, etc.) or surprisingly,  you may want your visitors to stay and not require step two of this process.    Many
of my clients have chosen to have their ghostly visitors stay; and an agreement is then made between you and
your visitors to set ground rules for you both to co-exist within the same dwelling.

Numerology - Basic Report - $45.00
You will be requested to send me your name at birth, any name changes (such as your married name, nick
name, etc.) and your birth date.  Once I receive that information I will create your detailed report.  Then you will  
receive a PDF Report with the detailed interpretation

Numerology is the Science of Numbers and  did you know your name can be converted into numbers and then
translated through numerology which sums up YOU!  It is very accurate, somewhat like Astrology.  Except using
letters & numbers vs. Planetary symbols for the interpretation of who you are and what your goals, talents and
obstacles are in this lifetime.  

This report consist of the Two main factors related to you - (your name given at birth and your birth date - This is
where you start, with Numerology)  The combination of these two, create the "Basic Report", The Basic Report
offers you insight to yourself, from there, you can use these numbers and interpretation to create all other
reports you may be interested in such as  "Your Heart's Desire, "Opportunities for Life", Romance, Compatibility,
Etc. (Prices vary for other reports depending on which one you choose.)  All other reports and their explanation
will be listed at the bottom of your Basic Report.  

What are unique about my reports is that I also interpret intuitively and with help from the universe as to how
your personal numbers will effect you in this lifetime and how you can use them to your benefit, or which traits
you may have to work on to obtain the journey you are seeking.

Note:  I also offer "quick Numerology readings for parties and events - Call for details, as I have designed a
system that works quite well for these types of events.
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