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          Natural Medicine - Alternative Health - Complimentary - Modalities & Therapy
                                                  Code of Ethics --  Are as follows:

  • Always explain what each modality/therapy is and how it works to your “New” clients.
  • It is illegal (in all states) to diagnose any illness or disease and/or to prescribe or advise someone to take or stop taking
    any medically prescribed medicines.
  • Never suggest, advise, etc. that your client should stop seeing their traditional medical doctors.  And do not claim that
    you can “Cure” someone. Leave that to the licensed traditional medical profession.  As within the alternative health
    arena, we know and understand it is our client themselves who have the ability to heal and or cure themselves, we are
    just a vessel to assist.
  • You are allowed though, to recommend, based on your client’s “self diagnosis” that they seek traditional medical
    assistance from a traditional licensed medical professional.
  • We by law - follow the H.I.P.A. Privacy laws that are in place and never share client information unless you have a signed
    statement that you are able to do so.
  • Always respect other alternative/complimentary practitioners, regardless of their linage or teachings.
  • Alternative/complimentary practitioners, should never ask anyone to remove his or her clothing. Unless it is in the
    guidelines of their profession i.e. Massage therapist, Colan cleansing therapist, etc., and it is legally approved or
    understood within your state.
  • Never touch or speak to your clients inappropriately
  • Always respect each individual alternative modalities "Principals" and practice each modality you offer with honor
  • Always use your best judgment as to when and where you will perform an alternative health session.
  • Never touch a client unless you have gotten permission to do so, as most energy healing modalities do not require
    physical contact.
  • Never send healing/energy without a person knowing that you are sending it to them. (Pertaining to distance healing)
    We believe all have free will and it would be unethical for a practitioner to send energy to another without their consent,
    even if you, the  practitioner believes that they need it.  Again do not control!    If you feel they would benefit from it, then
    just explain what you would like to send them and ask them if you could offer energy healing.  Always ask!   Exception -
    The Universe does approve and will assist during catastrophes, major alarming events, such as bombings, shootings,
    etc.  sending out immediate healings is accepted, if need be without permission.    This would also include if your client
    asked you to send healing to maybe a child or parent, whom cannot speak for themselves and/or contact you.  Prayers
    and well-wishes of any kind are always welcome as long as unconditional love directs those energies.  But yes common
    courtesy-wise, for the most part, it is always best to ask...
  • Most importantly -- Always work in gratitude, love  and say thank you

Exception:  There is a two-fold rule when it comes to sending energy or healing without permission.  .  Let me explain, if you
hear of tragedy, through a friend, the news, etc., like natural disaster victims, or a friend tells you their aunt has cancer and
asks you to send healing.   By all means do so, when this kind of healing is needed, you can send it distantly, but it must
always be accompanied with good intentions and blessings.   

Always say thank you! To your highest power, to your client, to the Universe, to Mother Earth , to your guides and to all those
who assisted with the healing and/or session and to yourself for being able to assist...  Always walk in gratitude!

Disclaimer:  The modalities that are offered here through , a sub-division of the Enlightening
Center and as performed by Sharon L. Jones, an alternative health practitioner, are intended
to and should be used along with
(not to replace) any "traditional" treatment as prescribed by a traditional Medical professional  and are used to aid with healing
and recovery for various ailments and disturbances to assure whole health.
Note:  If you are choosing to become an alternative/complimentary practitioner and are making it your profession, we also
recommend that you
become ordained -  (Click Here),  Due to regulations and non-regulations at this particular point
throughout the United States,  becoming ordained "may" offer you and/or your practice a safety umbrella, qualifying certain
rights under the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution.  Hopefully here in the near future, Alternative
/Complimentary medicine will be widely accepted with in the United States and we will not need an umbrella to shelter our
heads or beliefs...    Before choosing to be ordained, you may also want to review the article written by William Rand
Alternative & Complimentary
"Code of Ethics"
Alternative Practitioners
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