Consultation and/or Evaluation - EVAL001 -  30 min - $55.00
Sharon L. Jones - over 20 years experience
Intuitive Energy Healing Specialist &
Alternative/Complimentary Health Practitioner -
Specializing in Various Healing, Counseling & Coaching Modalities
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Sharon recommends her clients to start here; to discuss and evaluate what her client's
needs are and to set-up the proper sessions/appointment that would benefit YOU the client.  
If you already know what modality you want, (listed below, then please call or text to make an appointment today.
(Note if you choose the consultation/Evaluation
$10.00 will be credited towards your first energy, counseling or
coaching session)
C.E.T. (Combined Energy Therapy) - CET001  - 1 hr. - $95.00
Combined Energy Therapy - (C.E.T.) was developed by myself - Sharon L. Jones. This therapy, cleanses
balances and aligns your entire energy system from any and all negative energies, bringing you back into sync
with your original positive energy system -- Starting off with a body scan, then continuing to use various
degrees of energy which may include Reiki, Crystal therapy, Aroma therapy, Kundalini, Quantum Touch,
Angelic energies, etc.  Using all energy healing modalities, including  spiritual & Shaman energies and
techniques where needed as well.  All working together to assist with healing all aspects of your personal
energy system; physical, mental, spiritual & emotional being, including both present and past energies, that you
may have brought with you or you are still holding on to for some reason.  This modality, will assist with all...  I
like to call it the One-Stop-Shop of energy healing therapies as it can incorporate many universal energy
techniques and modalities.  Note:  The healing effects of this modality will continue the healing and release
process for up to 3 weeks,  which will be discussed during your session.
This session is to determine how you are holding the initial energies that were put in place during
your initial C.E.T. Session and to review your energy system and to answer any questions you may have
regarding you healing process.  Note:  During this session, some fine tuning, may be needed as within both the
traditional and alternative health arenas, it is always.  Even though the negative energies have truly been
cleared, Some energies, are stubborn and like to return, or they were habit forming energies and you yourself
requested them to come back, sub-consciously thinking you need them.    This session is just like any other
doctor visit when you return for a follow-up check-up to make sure all is still well and working accordingly, as with
any type of therapy, Traditional or alternative, sometimes, tweaking of the initial session is needed to make sure
all frequencies in all areas, are still working together to maintain perfect health.
Depending on the state of your Aura's and Chakras Sharon may use a combination of
Reiki, laying of the hands, Shaman techniques, crystal and color therapy energies to balance, cleanse &
restore both your chakra & aura systems that run through and around your body.

The purpose of this therapy session is to bring you back into a balance and to dispel negative energies that
may be affecting your day-to-day life; such as cell phones, computers, negative people, etc.   Keeping these
energies centered, clean, balanced and aligned is one of the most important things you can learn and do for
yourself everyday.   -
Can be done In-person or distantly.
(Classes are available to learn this technique)
Offering counseling on a different level - Using universal energies and being able to tap into the different
realms of the universe, Sharon has been trained to request assistance and receive answers to assist you
in resolving issues in your life that may be affecting you emotionally, mentally and/or physically.  Sharon
also uses her own life experiences, as she too has had to conquer and over come certain things in her life
as well.  Together - You and Sharon will work through maybe some of life’s most difficult issues and begin
to restore peace, love and happiness back into your being.  You will also be given a plan, designed
specifically for your needs to assist in the healing process -  
(Ministerial counseling is also available.) -
May be done in person, by phone or via Skype
This session is performed for the purpose to locate the "origins" that are causing ailments or health
issues within one's body. The name of the dis-ease may have already been disclosed to you by a traditional
medical doctor, and that is great!  It makes my job easier.  But what this does is concentrate and hopefully
discover where, or what has created this within your system.   We want to explore the origins, the source.  Is it
DNA related, stress related, past life energies you carried through with you?  Fear, stress, anxiety, trauma,
drama, etc. have all "now" been both scientifically and medically proven to attack your physical body in some
way, creating pain, dis-ease, ill-ness, depression and a lot of other things in between. That is what I am looking
for during this session -- where is the source of your pain.  Once determined, we work out a plan o how to heal
from there.  
Can be done in person or distantly.

Note: I am a living proof, that this type of session can be very helpful and healing.  I no longer have Crohns or
IBS, Which they say is not curable, but once I figured out why I was letting those diseases effect my body. I was
able to release  and heal.  Almost instantly.  Now I "stomach pain free for the last 9 years.  So I am a firm
believer of finding out where the source is coming from to begin with.

Note:  In no way, shape or form is this session to be considered, taken or interpreted as a traditional medical
diagnosis. This is a complimentary energy healing session and is to work along side with the traditional medical
C.E.T. - Maintenance Session - CET002 - 30 min - $75.00
Chakra & Aura Cleansing & Balancing - 20 - 45 min - 55.00
Crystal Therapy Session -  45 min - $65.00
NEW* Coming Soon -  Celestial Diamond Light Energy Therapy - 45- 1 hr - $85.00
Automatic/Medical/Intuitive Health Scan - 20-30 min - $55.00
Usui Reiki Energy Therapy - 30 to 45 min - $65.00
This is a Japanese healing art and is one of the most popular universal energy therapy.  It was
one of the mildest energy therapies.  It can be used for minor depression, relaxation, recovery from surgery
or illnesses, it.  Most energy workers, use this therapy along with other modalities and within the last few
years, you will hear many different titles of Reiki.  Please note that there are only 3 levels of Reiki and a
practitioner only has to be trained in the first two.  This therapy is now being offered in many hospitals, as
to its subtle and gentle affects it offers to patients.  So if you are looking for relaxation and soothing effects,
this would be the one for you.
Some people respond very well to crystals, as do animals   Using both their medicinal and vibrational
content,  crystals and gems can re-awaken you, clear blockages and assist with a huge variety of illnesses.  
Shamans, Scientists and the professional medical world have been using them for years to make different
medicines we can find at a pharmacy today.  

It is very useful if you are discovering your inner-self and want to open up vibrationally to what the universe
has to offer you.  It is also very good for all sorts of dis-eases and illnesses from depression to arthritis.  To
mental disorders such as bi-polar & ADD/ADHD.  Again this is not a cure or a diagnosis, for such illnesses,
but a complimentary homeopathic/natural healing modality that has had documented  success with aiding
various illnesses or dis-comforts with ones physical and mental aspects assisting both the human and
animal world. -  This can be done in person or distantly (once an Intuitive Health Scan is performed).  This is
also one of the best therapies for our animal friends as well.

Note: Sharon, being a Shaman, is tied into nature and Mother Earth, therefore has the utmost respect and
understanding for the energies that stones and gems carry.  She will also always have stones or gems
around during any of the other healing modalities as well.  She is never without them.   She also makes a
line of elixirs and sprays made from the energies of crystals, both for relaxation and medicinal purposes,
which is available to the general public.
When Sharon was little they used to call her Dr. Doolittle, as injured animals would find her and let her
nurse them back to health again.  Animals respond wonderfully to both energy and crystal therapies.  
Sharon also offers C.E.T. to her animal friends as well.  She will work with your animals, on all levels,
physically, emotionally and mentally, releasing their fears, ailments and anxieties as well.
Counseling - Intuitive, Spiritual, Traditional, Ministerial - 45 min - $65.00
Personal, Relationships, Family, Young Adult
Grief and/or Drug Addiction Counseling - 45 min - $65.00
Animal Combined Energy Work -  Minimum  $55.00 on up
Time and Prices Vary Depending on Animal and Location - Call or Text for Details
Grief - Dealing with a loss can be a very difficult time-period and experience for people.
There is a wrong and a right way to grieve and truly move forward, so you can gain peace back into your
life, releasing the emotions when you have lost someone or even something.  Not only will Sharon hold
your hand through this process, she may even use her Medium skills (gifts, so that you can talk to loved
ones, which at times, will assist you with healing knowing that they truly are okay.  And Sharon knows that
you will be too, once the process is put in place for you to heal.

Addictions or Phobias  - Sharon has had a lot experience within this field, offering a different prospective
to those who have addictions, or who have developed phobias, due to fear, trauma, etc.  Offering you a
different perspective, can sometimes create a successful outcome, than the traditional treatments.  
Sharon works directly with you to design and create a whole new way of life for you to become successful
with overcoming, the things that have been holding you in this state for way too long.  And you will truly
start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sharon has over 20 + years assisting and helping people with these two very hard and real problems,
that can control a human's life.
This is a new therapy and it is based on the "New" energies that have come into play as
of June, 2015.  This is an all pure light energy and it is not necessarily a healing energy modality.
It is a vibrational ascension essential energy therapy.   This therapy takes your vibrations to a different
level/frequency, encasing you within the white light, which consists of all colors, to raise your vibration and
offer you protection as we move into our "New" world we have all been waiting for.  This session will allow
you to start understanding and receive "New" world downloads and help you with the ascension rather
than fighting it, you will be flowing with it, keeping your energy safe, calm and well
protected.  To read more about this Celestial Diamond Light - "Click Here"

This session will be performed by Celest L. Diamond, as Sharon will step out of her body and let the
Celestial light penetrate her to and then ha
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