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                                              CLICK HERE TO VIEW - Alternative health "CODE OF ETHICS"                                       is a sub-division of the Enlightening Center to offer you an alternative approach to your health
care and to introduce you to  "Combined Energy Therapy" (C.E.T.) developed by Sharon Jones along with other
Alternative/Complimentary Health Therapies, Techniques and "Universal Energy" Healing Modalities.

Alternative and/or Complimentary therapies are not to replace modern/traditional medicine; but it is, and does, work along side
with traditional medicine practices.  It offers a different, more gentler healing approach.  Offering a non-invasive, a non-toxic or
chemically free approach to assist with the healing or recovery of various  illnesses, dis-eases, dis-comforts, depression,
stress, grief, anxiety, fears, addictions, etc.  It also explores various possibilities to discovering the source of the illness, dis-
ease,etc.  Healing the source is usually the main objective to alternative/complimentary medicine.  With the belief that if you find
the source and heal from there, the body will then in turn continue to re-build and heal itself, as the root of the problem no
longer exists.  Therefore, your Body, mind, or spirit, must release all that was attached to the original cause.

Most Alternative therapies are based on ancient teachings and are designed to assist a person to become whole in all areas of
their lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  As when all are working together there is no room for dis-comfort or
dis-ease.  Many countries have used these practices for hundreds if not thousands of years and it is now being re-introduced
here in the United states.  It's still a battle, but we are progressing in the right direction...

Alternative/Complimentary therapies also deal with energy healing, using different energies that run around and through you -
As you are aware everything, which includes you, is just energy, that in reality and scientifically, is all there is...   By having the
practitioner align, cleanse and balance your energy system or tap into your meridian energy points,  the therapy may also offer
insight and wisdom to ones-self by releasing blockages that you have carried with you both through this lifetime’s many
experiences, and/or past life experiences as well…  Whether brought on through, illness, trauma,  etc. Your physical cells,
subconscious memory and carbon can hold on to residuals of all of that…

Here is a visual - Just like you have to clean your furnace filter, where it gathered all the dust from the air (all that time, while the
air was flowing, you did not see all those dust particles floating around that you were walking through, sleeping in, breathing in,
etc.  Until you opened up your furnaces filter door and probably went wow!!!  This is the same with energy and energy
practitioners are aware of and can sense, see or feel the build-up of all the invisible dust, dirt and debris you are walking
around in...  Think about it...  It has to settle somewhere, so with that in mind, consider yourself the furnaces filter, things are
being trapped within your space, without you even being aware of it!  Regardless, every so often you have to change that filter
so the proper air and flow of i,t will not run through your home.   If you don't change the filter, you will be breathing stale bad air,
or your furnace itself, if it gets too blocked, could just shut down.  Well, at times, your body must be given a clean filter as well;  
so that you too can breathe a little lighter and let the healthy energies run properly…  or yes, you will start to slow down or even
shut-down... Whether on a physical, emotional or mental level...

Therefore, having maintenance done on your personal energy system can offer you the benefits of health, clarity, positive
energy and hopefully abundance in all areas of your life.   Get the picture?  Sometimes your own personal energy system/filter
has to be replaced and/or cleaned, so that the right energies can flow properly again, remember your body, mind and spirit are
all well running,  fine-tuned machines and in reality if the area is blocked the rest will suffer.  This then is what creates illness,
dis-ease, dis-comfort, anxiety, and other issues in life that may stop you from being in whole health and from moving forward.   

When you choose to clean your filter per-se’,  it then allows you to breathe, balance and align once again to the new fresh
unblocked energy flow.  Allowing you to blossom and reawaken into the perfect healthy soul/individual you were meant to be...  
Due to how blacked you are, this may take several sessions or one session just might do the job.  This would depend on the
type of illness, dis-ease, dis-comfort you are being seen for.  If you have never changed your filter and the blockage has been
there for awhile, obviously this is where more than one session and/or even one or more modalities can be introduced into your
energy health spectrum.  This is where C.E.T. comes into play.  I, (Sharon Jones)created this healing modality, to incorporate
several healing modalities, depending on your individual situation.  I like to call it the "One-Stop-Shop" for your alternative
health needs.  As different "energy" healing modalities offer different strengths and healing properties, there for I developed a
system that can be designed for your own personal need.  Ensuring a speedy recovery and or healing process that is
individualized.  This is the advantage of C.E.T. )combined Energy Therapy...

In our society today, finally!  This form of therapy (energy healing r work) is being reintroduced and is slowly becoming
accepted here in the United States.   Other countries have always used or use and acknowledged the benefits of using energy
work and/or alternative/complimentary healing modalities within their everyday lives.  Did you know the Queen of England
carries her own homeopathic medicine case with her when she travels?

Here in America, it has been a fight, but I am happy to report, more and more hospitals and doctor’s offices around the country
are incorporating these modalities within their traditional medical practices; such as the Mayo clinic, Grant Hospital and many
more are opening the doors to this type of healing practice everyday and experiencing great results.  They are now realizing
they can offer their patients even more benefits by exploring "whole Health" =  Mind, Body & Spirit...  And incorporating
“Traditional” medicine with Alternative/Holistic/Complimentary health modalities to ensure all areas are covered for the sake of
the patient and their individual health needs.

Still need more information, I am here to always answer your questions and to explain the different energy modalities.
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Just think, wouldn't it be nice to be stress-free, pain-free this year? Of course it would!  So let me assist you today, so that you
can regain confidence that you are healthy, balanced, and prosperous in all areas of your life...
Blessings my friends...
Sharon L. Jones - Over 20 Years Experience
Intuitive Energy Healing Specialist &
Alternative/Complimentary Health Practitioner -
Specializing in Various Healing, Counseling & Coaching Modalities
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