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I have witnessed many, many miracles through the power of prayer.  
I know that when we ask for help, the universe cannot say no.......  
You just have to believe......  And remember God never leaves us,
although we may think that at times he has, but we are the ones who
walk away; so turn around and know that he is here....
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Blessings my friend...
DEAR God, Mother Earth
& All Who Dwell Within
The Universe
I am sending this prayer to
know they are in need of a
prayer.  I bow my head and
ask for help, I ask you God to
dry their tears and give them

I know when they tell you
their sorrows, their fears or
desires, that you will offer
assistance and walk with
them and show them the

I pray for them to find the
light and to know their lives
will be alright.......

I love you God, Mother Earth
and all who live within the
Universe and I am so grateful
for all of  your help, your love,
your support and your
guidance.  For everyone who
requests it, always and
forever more...

Thank you.
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usually respond, I just start praying and asking on your behalf for God and the Universe
to assist you with your requests...  Blessings my friends... Sharon
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