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for over 20+ years.  I work directly for God (or
whatever or whomever you refer to as the highest
energy source)
I started speaking to the Universe at the  
age of two - and started healing (laying of
hands) since the age of five.  I'd do that by
just offering sick people hugs, as I knew if I
shared love, the love would heal all...  And it
did.   I never questioned what I did until
about 13, when people would tease me
about saying things, as they would always
just say.. Oh that's Sharon, living in her field
of daisies - Yes, it was the early seventies!    
So, I basically refrained from letting my
friends know this side of me.  It was a very
lonely time, but, I still, from a distance, I  
always surrounded them with love and
silently healed and offered protection where
I could.  I guess this is where I developed
my distant healing skills.  I am still friends
with a lot of people I grew up with; and now
that I'm out of the closet, they say it all
makes sense.!   Ha, Ha!  But needless to
say, I really didn't come out of the closet
until I was in my late 30's
Growing up was hard, as I felt all the pains
of the world and I couldn't understand, and
still can't understand why people continue
to hurt each other - As I have always been
an empath (even before that word came
out!) an having to hide my gifts at times was
unbearable!  As no one understood! And I
tried to leave this world at 16.  Obviously
that did not work!  But I can now absolutely
relate to that kind of feeling or pain,
someone may be going through; and now I
am able to assist others who are not sure if
they want to stay or go.
I have also died several other times in this
lifetime, not of my own choice, but due to
circumstances that were out of my control
at the time.  I think because I was older and
I understood who I was by this time; that is
when I realized I was a medium, because
when I got sent back, I finally realized who I
was communicating with, because I was
now familiar or recongnized those types f
energies.  Whew, I wasn't crazy!
I have met wonderful people, mentors and
teachers along the way and I am so grateful
I have been blessed by having them in my
I always try to walk in gratitude, hope, faith
and love and I love passing that belief
system on to others.
Hello, first let me thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Sharon Lynn Jones and my passion is to make a difference in the world by assisting others to find joy,
prosperity, whole health and abundance in all ares of their lives.  As i truly believe in paying it forward even if it's just a
smile!   If I can just assist one person and make a difference, or bring a smile to their face and heart.  Well, that is my
biggest reward! And I am so blessed to be living my passion.  I hope one day I can have a large center where you can
come visit sit, feel safe, loved and accepted for just being you!

Here are some things you might want to know about me:

I have lived  a magnificent life filled with
both miracles and tragedies - I am a single
mother of two and I have had many
blessings, yet so may losses as well
Including loosing my 27 year old son in
2017.  I have been through - Earthquakes,
flash floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.   I
have been in both good and abusive
relationships, I've had major health issues
(Crones and cancer) and some say I have
been through hell and back and ask  why
am I still standing?  I just look at it this way,
because of my experiences,  I can relate to
many people from all walks of life and
backgrounds,  and  it has helped me to be
able to assist others.  And this is why I do
what I do!
I offer my in-person, distant and on-line
Services & Training  Internationally &
Specializing in: Alternative Health,
Metaphysical, Spiritual, New Age,
Motivational and the Paranormal Arenas
I  am known by my peers as the interpreter
of the Universe and also as a Shaman,
Energy Healer, Reader, Intuitive, Psychic
Medium, Alternative Health Practitioner,
Crystal Therapist, Smudging/Negative
Energy and/or Paranormal Clearing Expert,  
USUI Reiki Master/Teacher,  Animal Energy
practitioner, Life Coach,  Grief and Addiction
Counselor, Minister, Educator, Public and
Motivational Speaker and Author
I work directly for God and I Channel the  
teachings of Celest L. Diamond, the Ancient
Ones and other deities and entities within
the various Universal realms
I am the official Presenter and Educator of  
the Celestial Diamond Light Energy System
and the developer of (C.E.T.) Combined
Energy Therapy
I am the Author of "It's Just That Simple!  
Book Series, and so proud that my new
book, a 560+ page book  to be used as a
reference guide to everything
metaphysical,  spiritual, Alternative, New
Age and paranormal - Called "Oh, Is That
What That Means?"got published in 2017 -
Whew it took over four years to write!
Well, that's pretty much a quick version of
my life and how I got to where I am today!
And TODAY, as always...  My main passion
and goal is to educate and assist as many
people as I can.  To always be of services to
those who need my assistance or those
eager to learn or find an alternative to whole
health.  To spread love and teach about how
love, faith & joy truly is the key to all things!
   Sharon L. Jones